Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the diploma and certificate programs at CCT

  • Students must have a Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • OR: Be 18 years of age and pass the entrance exam as assigned by the college

For non-native English speakers:

  • Successful completion of the program requirements
  • Completion of IELTS score or equivalent or
  • Completion of the CCT English Assessment (Written or online under college designated supervision)


CCT will advise students on the suitable testing method to ensure that the student complies with education standards in Canada and offer information on where and how to complete these tests.  CCT also offers guidance or coaches new students on how to complete these exams successfully.

For all requirements program counsellors will offer assistance.

Student should have a minimum level of computer literacy

  • Canadian College of Technologies (CCT) minimum expectation is that the student should be able to complete the required deliverables of their courses on a computer, either provided by themselves or provided by the college in their lab.  CCT can assist students on any new software or sites that the college uses to interface with their students, so that the student feels confident while using computers during course work.

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