Students Services

Canadian College of Technologies (CCT) is committed to offering the necessary services to any prospective new students to make them feel comfortable and confident with their new studies. CCT has informational pages for students to access including “things to know” and “answers to frequently asked questions”. CCT has created a separate wing of the student advisory unit which will help to answer all queries of prospective and currently enrolled students. CCT administrators will consistently overview the services offered to students by reviewing their protocols and updating information to assist students better.

Student Support Services

CCT offers resources to assist students moving to a new place, working, and meeting with new people, and dealing with coursework demand. Our student support services will help students with any specific problem they are having related to facing a new environment; to provide seamless solutions to allow for quick student adjustment.

CCT is committed to providing a supportive environment for students. We do this by offering mentorship, career advice, accommodation assistance, counselling, finance assistance, advice on immigration matters, as well as academic accommodation based on physical needs, or faith requirements.

For up to date information please contact our student support coordinator.

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