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CCTs Career Services facilitates students’ quick transition from the classroom to a working environment. CCTs career services can assist students with acquiring practicum opportunities and with networking with companies that are in their field.

CCT offers Students

CCT helps with applicable government agencies to assist in job searching opportunities for students. CCT has procured the services of government agencies for events and one on one counselling.

  • Workshops focused on career path: CCT offers assistance with cover letters and resumes, interview prep, as well as offers tips on networking and self-marketing for its students.
  • Support to students: CCT offers employment opportunities, co-ops, work site visits, and/or alumni mentoring opportunities. Based on student achievement there is also the possibility for a referral letter to employers; this would be based on student strength, passion and eagerness during their course work.
  • Trade shows, Networking, and Career fairs: : CCT and its students take part in relevant trade shows and career fairs to help CCT students for a more employment opportunities.


CCT offers a database for students to utilize where they can develop more of an understanding of what they want in their career path. This database offers online assessment of abilities, as well as quizzes on personal values, and capabilities.

CCT supports students to identify the correct career path based on their skills, work preferences, and their passion. CCTs mission is that the students should choose their future career based on their self-assessment rather than other variables.  CCT then offers a fair recommendation based on students’ interest and assessments.

CCT Supports Students from day one of their studies till they find their dream job

CCT Supports Students from day one of their studies till they find their dream job. CCT counselors will advise them and offer support services on their journey.
  • Goals and accomplishments:   CCT students will start their course work with a clear understanding of their goals, and a detailed plan of achievement and success in their chose field of specialization.
  • Practicum Based Programs:  CCTs’ practicum diploma programs allow students to develop their skills, work experience and interpersonal dynamics that make them eligible and ready for employment upon successful completion of the program. This Practicum Based Program makes it easy for the student to secure immediate employment upon graduation.
  • Network: CCT has a network of companies that offer consistent placements for new students. We are consistently updating students via CCTs noticeboard of their job opportunities. CCT also invites these companies to come to CCT for campus events to get to know our students. CCTs aim is the overall development of its students and increasing the employment rate through networking and co-op internships.
  • Personal growth and learning: One of CCTs primary goals is the overall development of its students. CCT offers complimentary workshops on a variety of subjects including advanced resume writing, interview skills, and workshops on niche subjects related career development. CCT also invites industry experts and individuals from government agencies to host students’ seminars.
  • CCT alumnus are a big asset:  Past successful student also offer to share their experience and offer suggestions and tips for a successful career.  There is also one-on-one mentorship opportunities for students.

Successful tools and resource availability

At CCT we also host a blog that includes career advice for our students to utilize. Topics include: How to use career sites: Job Bank, Government job websites, Indeed, Hot jobs, Workopolis, volunteer websites, Job bank. As well as how to write effective resumes, tips for interviews, social media job hunting, and communication at work. CCT enhances student skills by updating them with current information, challenges in their industries, and other students success stories.

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