Canadian College of Technologies (CCT) students, will experience a fulfilling and rewarding experience at our college.

CCT’s Administration is ready to help their students at any time.

CCT also offers students the ability to interact with previous students and gain information regarding course selection, placement, accommodation, CCT policies, information regarding living in different provinces, and future job opportunities.

Students are free to meet with a support services administrator.

Students Services

(CCT) is committed to offering the necessary services to any prospective new students to make them feel comfortable and confident with their new studies.

Career Services

CCTs Career Services facilitates students’ quick transition from the classroom to a working environment. CCTs career services can assist students with acquiring

CCT Calendar

Here you will find important dates and occasions occurring at CCT

Housing options near CCT

For students looking to relocate near the CCT campus the student advisors and coordinators will be a helpful resource in their search.


Our policy section is where you can track down the rules and regulations related to your studies.

Chat with our Students

Have your questions replied by visiting straightforwardly with our students to get answers concerning their encounters learning at CCT.

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